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Hi! Welcome to a Dancer's Voice. I'm Laura Beers and this website is my way to express my voice about the sport I love so much: Dance! My aim is to bring you quality dance instruction and entertainment at a reasonable price, to keep you updated with what is going on in the dance community, especially in Brevard County, Florida and to promote Dance as one of the best sports and ways to connect with others that exists! I have lots of other information available through out all the pages, so, when you have a few minutes, I hope you will enjoy seeing all that we are doing! Let me know if you have any suggestions!

Dance is a lot of fun but is a sport like any other and you can get hurt. I have experienced some injuries along the way and coming through these and wanting to dance the rest of my life, I have found the need to educate myself and my students even more on the ways to have the most fun without getting hurt in this sport of Dance: learn from a quality Professional Instructor like myself who will teach you the proper ways to use your body so that you and your partner stay safe. This is like any sport and you need to learn the rules from the beginning. Learning to do moves and patterns that you are not technically ready for, although they may be fun to try, may cause harm.

There are many avenues to learn to dance and you should pick the one that fits what you want best. You can go to a community center, center for the arts, Ballroom studio and even a nightclub. There are a few things you need to know about these choices-all of which are viable places to learn. Try to participate in more than one class to get a proper feel of the Instructor and their abilities, possibly in different venues too.

1. The nightclub setting, although a lot of fun, has to be looked at as a place for a faster pace for you to pick up what information you can (usually for a low cost or free) and realize that because of the “relaxed” environment, less “structure” is usually what is given and wanted. Be aware that what you learn should be related to each type of venue. Maybe you never thought about it, but a nightclub is not the best setting for learning the proper technique for how your body moves, etc. (not to say you won’t get a little).Group or Private lessons is usually the best way to start before hitting the club! 

2. How many dances are you being taught at once? We are only human-start with ONE Dance rhythm (the one with the music you like best) and learn that first! Once you understand dance techniques, it will be much easier for you to learn a second dance! I have always taught technique in my group classes, so you only have to learn it once and will get a strong foundation from me.

As an experienced Instructor and forever Student for Swing (especially West Coast), Country, Latin and Ballroom for so many years, I want to help my students achieve their goals in a fun, social way that gives them some life skills at the same time. My teaching focus in group classes is on having fun while keeping safe to build a strong foundation which includes lead and follow skills, footwork, basic body mechanics and more. In private lessons, my focus is more on the finer details, better technique, choreography and music since those who wish to further improve their dance skills or compete always take private lessons to enhance their abilities. My ability to see what is happening and to change or improve it, will make your dancing easier and more fun! 

Just because somebody can dance, that doesn't make them a good Teacher. When choosing a Dance Instructor, make sure not only that their passion and technique (experience) is there, but also that their students are learning and able to explain/exemplify what they have been taught. Do they understand lead and follow? Can they only do certain moves with specific people or can they dance with anyone? Do the students refer you to their friends? These are good questions to ask yourself before committing your resources to a particular studio or Instructor. I am so proud that most of my students are referrals! Please look around my website, read my Biography and Testimonial pages and know that the dance instruction you get with me will be a quality unlike many other places in Brevard county! 

Dance is a feel good sport for all ages! It is not just about being able to move to music, it is understanding the human body, how it works and what is possible-then magic can be created. This is what I love to do! It is pure joy for me to pass my love of dance on to the community!

Please join me through these pages about the dance world that I'm involved in and feel free to turn on some music, go to a local dance, travel somewhere just to dance and see the incredible world that I have known my whole life! I dare you to try it just once!
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